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[grey-beerd] /ˈgreɪˌbɪərd/

Sometimes Disparaging. a man whose beard is gray; old man; sage.


A very senior pilot (1970s+ Airline)


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  • Gray-birch

    noun 1. a small, bushy birch, Betula populifolia, of stony or sandy areas of the eastern U.S., having grayish-white bark and triangular leaves.

  • Gray-body

    noun, Physics. 1. any body that emits radiation at each wavelength in a constant ratio less than unity to that emitted by a black body at the same temperature.

  • Gray-card

    noun, Photography. 1. a card of controlled reflectance held near a subject to approximate middle tones and used as a target for an exposure meter.

  • Gray cataract

    gray cataract n. A cataract of gray color usually occurring in senile, mature, or cortical cataracts.

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