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[grey-ish] /ˈgreɪ ɪʃ/

having a tinge of ; slightly :
The sky was full of dark, grayish clouds.
similar to :
a grayish color; a grayish purple.


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  • Gray-jay

    noun 1. a gray jay, Perisoreus canadensis, of northern North America, noted for its boldness in stealing food from houses, traps, camps, etc.

  • Gray-lady

    noun 1. a female worker in the American Red Cross who serves as a volunteer aide in medical services.

  • Graylag

    [grey-lag] /ˈgreɪˌlæg/ noun 1. a common, gray, wild goose, Anser anser, of Europe, that is the ancestor of most breeds of domestic goose.

  • Grayling

    [grey-ling] /ˈgreɪ lɪŋ/ noun 1. any freshwater fish of the genus Thymallus, related to the trouts but having a longer and higher, brilliantly colored dorsal fin. 2. any of several grayish or brownish satyr butterflies. /ˈɡreɪlɪŋ/ noun (pl) -ling, -lings 1. any freshwater salmonoid food fish of the genus Thymallus and family Thymallidae, of the […]

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