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Grease joint

noun phrase


Read Also:

  • Grease-monkey

    noun, Slang. 1. a mechanic, especially one who works on automobiles or airplanes. noun 1. (informal) a mechanic, esp one who works on cars or aircraft noun phrase

  • Grease nipple

    noun 1. a metal nipple designed to engage with a grease gun for injecting grease into a bearing, etc

  • Greasepaint

    /ˈɡriːsˌpeɪnt/ noun 1. a waxy or greasy substance used as make-up by actors 2. theatrical make-up

  • Grease-paint

    noun 1. an oily mixture of melted tallow or grease and a pigment, used by actors, clowns, etc., for making up their faces. 2. theatrical makeup.

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