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[gree-see, ‐zee] /ˈgri si, ‐zi/

adjective, greasier, greasiest.
smeared, covered, or soiled with .
composed of or containing ; oily:
greasy food.
greaselike in appearance or to the touch; slippery.
insinuatingly unctuous in manner; repulsively slick; oily.
Veterinary Pathology. affected with .
/ˈɡriːzɪ; -sɪ/
adjective greasier, greasiest
coated or soiled with or as if with grease
composed of or full of grease
resembling grease
unctuous or oily in manner
noun (Austral, slang) (pl) greasies
a shearer
an outback cook, esp cooking for a number of men

1510s, from grease + -y (2). Related: Greasily; greasiness. Greasy spoon “small cheap restaurant” is from 1925.



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