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Great many

see under good many


Read Also:

  • Great-mogul

    noun 1. the emperor of the former Mogul Empire in India founded in 1526 by Baber. 2. (lowercase) an important or distinguished person. noun 1. any of the Muslim emperors of India (1526–1857)

  • Great-mother

    noun 1. The, a vaguely defined deity symbolizing maternity, the fertility of the earth, and femininity in general; the central figure in the religions of ancient Anatolia, the Near East, and the eastern Mediterranean, later sometimes taking the form of a specific goddess, as Cybele, Rhea, or Demeter.

  • Great mountain buttercup

    noun 1. (NZ) See Mount Cook lily

  • Great muscle

    great muscle n. Any of the three vastus muscles: intermediate vastus, lateral vastus, and medial vastus.

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