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the Great Rebellion, another name for the English Civil War


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  • Great-red-spot

    noun, Astronomy. 1. . noun, Astronomy. 1. a large, usually reddish gaseous vortex on the surface of Jupiter, about 14,000 by 30,000 km, that drifts about slowly as the planet rotates and has been observed for several hundred years. noun 1. a large long-lived oval feature, south of Jupiter’s equator, that is an anticyclonic disturbance […]

  • Great renaming

    Usenet, history The flag day in 1986 on which all of the non-local groups on the Usenet had their names changed from the net.- format to the current multiple-hierarchies scheme. Used especially in discussing the history of newsgroup names. “The oldest sources group is comp.sources.misc; before the Great Renaming, it was net.sources.” FAQ (http://vrx.net/usenet/history/rename.html). [Jargon […]

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    noun 1. . noun 1. a tall shrub, Rhododendron maximum, of eastern North America, having rose-pink flowers.

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    noun, Astronomy. 1. a group of large dark clouds in the Milky Way between the constellations Cygnus and Sagittarius.

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