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noun, Eastern Church.


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  • Great-synagogue

    noun 1. (according to Jewish tradition) a council of 120 members, established by Ezra, that directed the Jews chiefly in religious matters, c450–c200 b.c., and made significant contributions to the Jewish liturgy and Bible.

  • Great-tit

    noun 1. an Old World titmouse, Parus major, yellowish green above with white cheeks. noun 1. a large common Eurasian tit, Parus major, with yellow-and-black underparts and a black-and-white head

  • Great-toe

    noun, Anatomy. 1. .

  • Great trek

    noun 1. (South African, history) the Great Trek, the migration of Boer farmers with their slaves and African servants from the Cape Colony to the north and east from about 1836 to 1845 to escape British authority

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