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[greevz] /grivz/

noun, (used with a singular or plural verb)
(def 3).
[greev] /griv/
noun, Armor.
a piece of plate armor for the leg between the knee and the ankle, usually composed of front and back pieces.
plural noun
the residue left after the rendering of tallow
Jimmy. born 1940, English footballer and television commentator on the sport; played for a number of clubs including Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea; scored 44 goals in 57 matches for England (1959–67)
(often pl) a piece of armour worn to protect the shin from the ankle to the knee

mid-14c., plural of greave.

leg armor, c.1300, from Old French greve “shin, armor for the leg” (12c.), of unknown origin. [Klein suggests it ultimately is from Egyptian Arabic gaurab “stocking, apparel for the leg.”]

only in 1 Sam. 17:6, a piece of defensive armour (q.v.) reaching from the foot to the knee; from French greve, “the shin.” They were the Roman cothurni.


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