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Green apples

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sure as god made little green apples


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  • Green-ass

    adjective New and inexperienced; callow; green: I spent thirty-four months havin’ green-ass corporals chew me up (1940s+)

  • Green-audit

    noun 1. the process of assessing the environmental impact of an organization, process, project, product, etc.: A green audit of your home can reveal ways in which you can reduce energy consumption.

  • Greenback

    [green-bak] /ˈgrinˌbæk/ noun 1. a U.S. legal-tender note, printed in on the since the Civil War, originally issued against the credit of the country and not against gold or silver on deposit. /ˈɡriːnˌbæk/ noun 1. (US, informal) an inconvertible legal-tender US currency note originally issued during the Civil War in 1862 2. (US, slang) a […]

  • Green-backed heron

    [green-bakt] /ˈgrinˌbækt/ noun 1. a small, American heron, Butorides striatus, having glossy green wings. noun See green heron

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