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Green book

1. Informal name for one of the four standard references on PostScript. The other three official guides are known as the Blue Book, the Red Book, and the White Book.
[“PostScript Language Program Design”, Adobe Systems, Addison-Wesley, 1988 (ISBN 0-201-14396-8)].
2. Informal name for one of the three standard references on SmallTalk. Also associated with blue and red books.
[“Smalltalk-80: Bits of History, Words of Advice”, by Glenn Krasner (Addison-Wesley, 1983; QA76.8.S635S58; ISBN 0-201-11669-3)].
3. The “X/Open Compatibility Guide”, which defines an international standard Unix environment that is a proper superset of POSIX/SVID. It also includes descriptions of a standard utility toolkit, systems administrations features, and the like. This grimoire is taken with particular seriousness in Europe. See Purple Book.
4. The IEEE 1003.1 POSIX Operating Systems Interface standard has been dubbed “The Ugly Green Book”.
5. Any of the 1992 standards issued by the ITU-T’s tenth plenary assembly. These include, among other things, the dreadful X.400 electronic mail standard and the Group 1 through 4 fax standards.
6. Green Book CD-ROM.
See also book titles.
[Jargon File]


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