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[green-strip] /ˈgrinˌstrɪp/

any vegetation that does not burn easily, left uncut or planted along a roadway or waterway, usually to prevent wildfires.


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  • Greenstuff

    /ˈɡriːnˌstʌf/ noun 1. green vegetables, such as cabbage or lettuce

  • Green-stuff

    noun, Slang. 1. paper money.

  • Green-sulfur-bacteria

    plural noun 1. a group of green or brown bacteria of the families Chlorobiaceae and Chloroflexaceae that occur in aquatic sediments, sulfur springs, and hot springs and that utilize reduced sulfur compounds instead of oxygen.

  • Greensward

    [green-swawrd] /ˈgrinˌswɔrd/ noun 1. , grassy turf. /ˈɡriːnˌswɔːd/ noun 1. (archaic or literary) fresh green turf or an area of such turf

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