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[gri-gair-ee-uh s] /grɪˈgɛər i əs/

fond of the company of others; sociable.
living in flocks or herds, as animals.
Botany. growing in open clusters or colonies; not matted together.
pertaining to a flock or crowd.
enjoying the company of others
(of animals) living together in herds or flocks Compare solitary (sense 6)
(of plants) growing close together but not in dense clusters
of, relating to, or characteristic of crowds or communities

1660s, “living in flocks” (of animals), from Latin gregarius “pertaining to a flock; of the herd, of the common sort, common,” from grex (genitive gregis) “flock, herd,” reduplication of PIE root *ger- “to gather together, assemble” (cf. Greek ageirein “to assemble,” agora “assembly;” Old Church Slavonic grusti “handful;” Lithuanian gurgulys “chaos, confusion,” gurguole “crowd, mass”). Sense of “sociable” first recorded 1789. Related: Gregariously; gregariousness.


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