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Gregory I

Saint (“Gregory the Great”) a.d. c540–604, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 590–604.
Saint, known as Gregory the Great. ?540–604 ad, pope (590–604), who greatly influenced the medieval Church. He strengthened papal authority by centralizing administration, tightened discipline, and revised the liturgy. He appointed Saint Augustine missionary to England. Feast day: March 12 or Sept 3


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  • Gregory II

    noun 1. Saint, died a.d. 731, pope 715–731.

  • Gregory III

    noun 1. Saint, died a.d. 741, pope 731–741.

  • Gregory IV

    noun 1. died a.d. 844, pope 827–844.

  • Gregory IX

    noun 1. (Ugolino di SegniorUgolino of Anagni) c1143–1241, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1227–41. noun 1. original name Ugolino of Segni. ?1148–1241, pope (1227–41). He excommunicated and waged war against Emperor Frederick II

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