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[gret-uh] /ˈgrɛt ə/

a female given name, form of .


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  • Gretchen

    [grech-uh n; German greyt-shuh n] /ˈgrɛtʃ ən; German ˈgreɪt ʃən/ noun 1. a female given name, form of . fem. proper name, German diminutive of Greta, a German and Swedish pet form of Margaret. Somestimes used as a typical German female name, also sometimes in reference to the name of the simple girl seduced by […]

  • Gretna

    [gret-nuh] /ˈgrɛt nə/ noun 1. a city in SE Louisiana, near New Orleans.

  • Gretna-green

    noun 1. a village in S Scotland, near the English border, to which many English couples formerly eloped to be married. /ˈɡrɛtnə/ noun 1. a village in S Scotland, in Dumfries and Galloway on the border with England: famous smithy where eloping couples were married by the blacksmith from 1754 until 1940, when such marriages […]

  • Gretna-green-marriage

    noun, British Informal. 1. marriage without parental consent; elopement.

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