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[grey-wak, -wak-uh] /ˈgreɪˌwæk, -ˌwæk ə/

[grey-wak, -wak-uh] /ˈgreɪˌwæk, -ˌwæk ə/
Geology. a dark-gray coarse-grained wacke.
any dark sandstone or grit having a matrix of clay minerals
(grā’wāk’, -wāk’ə)
Any of various dark gray, coarse-grained sandstones that contain abundant feldspar and rock fragments and often have a clay-rich matrix. Graywackes are thought to originate in environments where erosion, transportation, and deposition happen so quickly that minerals and rock fragments do not have sufficient time to break down into finer constituents.


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