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bread or cake made on a griddle


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  • Griddlecake

    [grid-l-keyk] /ˈgrɪd lˌkeɪk/ noun 1. a thin of batter cooked on a ; pancake.

  • Griddling

    [grid-l] /ˈgrɪd l/ noun 1. a frying pan with a handle and a slightly raised edge, for cooking pancakes, bacon, etc., over direct heat. 2. any flat, heated surface, especially on the top of a stove, for cooking food: a quick breakfast from the luncheonette’s griddle. 3. Upstate New York Older Use. a circular lid […]

  • Gride

    [grahyd] /graɪd/ verb (used without object), grided, griding. 1. to make a grating sound; scrape harshly; grate; grind. verb (used with object), grided, griding. 2. to pierce or cut. noun 3. a griding or grating sound. /ɡraɪd/ verb 1. (intransitive) (literary) to grate or scrape harshly 2. (obsolete) to pierce or wound noun 3. (literary) […]

  • G-ride

    noun Car theft; grand theft auto (1990s+ Los Angeles police)

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