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[grif-in] /ˈgrɪf ɪn/

(in India and the East) a newcomer, especially a white person from a Western country.
a winged monster with an eagle-like head and the body of a lion
a newcomer to the Orient, esp one from W Europe

c.1200 (as a surname), from Old French grifon “a bird of prey,” also “fabulous bird of Greek mythology” (with head and wings of an eagle, body and hind quarters of a lion, believed to inhabit Scythia and guard its gold), from Late Latin gryphus, misspelling of grypus, variant of gryps (genitive grypos), from Greek gryps (genitive grypos) “curved, hook-nosed,” in reference to its beak.

Klein suggests a Semitic source, “through the medium of the Hittites,” and cites Hebrew kerubh “a winged angel,” Akkad. karibu, epithet of the bull-colossus (see cherub). The same or an identical word was used, with uncertain connections, in mid-19c. Louisiana to mean “mulatto” (especially one one-quarter or two-fifths white) and in India from late 18c. to mean “newly arrived European.”


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