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[gril-er] /ˈgrɪl ər/

a person who food, especially as a cook in a restaurant.
an appliance for food.


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  • Grillery

    [gril-uh-ree] /ˈgrɪl ə ri/ noun, plural grilleries. 1. a grill; grillroom.

  • Grillettes

    noun small pieces of fatty meat that are grilled or fried until crisp Usage Note cooking

  • Grillion

    /ˈɡrɪljən/ noun (informal) (pl) -lions, -lion 1. (often pl) an extremely large but unspecified number, quantity, or amount: he had grillions more goes than me determiner 2. amounting to a grillion: a grillion years old

  • Grillparzer

    [gril-pahrt-ser] /ˈgrɪlˌpɑrt sər/ noun 1. Franz [frahnts] /frɑnts/ (Show IPA), 1791–1872, Austrian poet and dramatist. /German ˈɡrɪlpartsər/ noun 1. Franz (frants). 1791–1872, Austrian dramatist and poet, noted for his historical and classical tragedies, which include Sappho (1818), the trilogy The Golden Fleece (1819–22), and The Jewess of Toledo (1872)

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