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[grim-uh s, gri-meys] /ˈgrɪm əs, grɪˈmeɪs/

a facial expression, often ugly or contorted, that indicates disapproval, pain, etc.
verb (used without object), grimaced, grimacing.
to make grimaces.
an ugly or distorted facial expression, as of wry humour, disgust, etc
(intransitive) to contort the face

1650s, from French grimace, from Middle French grimache, from Old French grimuce “grotesque face, ugly mug,” possibly from Frankish (cf. Old Saxon grima “face mask,” Old English grima “mask, helmet”), from same Germanic root as grim (adj.). With pejorative suffix -azo (from Latin -aceus).

1762, from French grimacer, from grimace (see grimace (n.)). Related: Grimaced; grimacing.


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