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Grind core


See grindcore


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  • Grind crank

    A mythical accessory to a terminal. A crank on the side of a monitor, which when operated makes a zizzing noise and causes the computer to run faster. Usually one does not refer to a grind crank out loud, but merely makes the appropriate gesture and noise. See grind. Historical note: At least one real […]

  • Grinded

    [grahynd] /graɪnd/ verb (used with object), ground or (Rare) grinded; grinding. 1. to wear, smooth, or sharpen by abrasion or friction; whet: to grind a lens. 2. to reduce to fine particles, as by pounding or crushing; bray, triturate, or pulverize. 3. to oppress, torment, or crush: to grind the poor. 4. to rub harshly […]

  • Grindelia

    [grin-dee-lee-uh, -deel-yuh] /grɪnˈdi li ə, -ˈdil yə/ noun 1. any of various composite plants of the genus Grindelia, comprising the gumweeds. 2. the dried leaves and tops of certain species of this plant, used in medicine. /ɡrɪnˈdiːlɪə/ noun 1. any coarse plant of the American genus Grindelia, having yellow daisy-like flower heads: family Asteraceae (composites) […]

  • Grindelwald

    /German ˈɡrɪndəlvalt/ noun 1. a valley and resort in central Switzerland, in the Bernese Oberland: mountaineering centre, with the Wetterhorn and the Eiger nearby

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