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Grind on

(intransitive, adverb) to move further relentlessly: the enemy’s invasion ground slowly on


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  • Grind-rock

    noun, Southern U.S. 1. .

  • Grind show

    noun phrase A show that runs continuously [1930s+ Carnival; probably because the show grinds along like a machine]

  • Grind something out

    verb phrase To produce or make something, esp with uninspired precision or long and painful effort: They sat down and ground the script out in two days/ They just grind them out ten a day (1940s+)

  • Grindstone

    [grahynd-stohn] /ˈgraɪndˌstoʊn/ noun 1. a rotating solid stone wheel used for sharpening, shaping, etc. 2. a millstone. Idioms 3. keep / put one’s nose to the grindstone, to work, study, or practice hard and steadily or to cause someone to do so: If I put my nose to the grindstone, I’ll finish the job this […]

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