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a low, mournful sound uttered in pain or grief:
the groans of dying soldiers.
a deep, inarticulate sound uttered in derision, disapproval, desire, etc.
a deep grating or creaking sound due to a sudden or continued overburdening, as with a great weight:
We heard the groan of the ropes as the crane lowered the heavy cargo into the ship’s hold.
verb (used without object)
to utter a deep, mournful sound expressive of pain or grief.
to make a deep, inarticulate sound expressive of derision, disapproval, desire, etc.
to make a sound resembling a groan; resound harshly:
The steps of the old house groaned under my weight.
to be overburdened or overloaded.
to suffer greatly or lamentably:
groaning under an intolerable burden.
verb (used with object)
to utter or express with groans.
a prolonged stressed dull cry expressive of agony, pain, or disapproval
a loud harsh creaking sound, as of a tree bending in the wind
(informal) a grumble or complaint, esp a persistent one
to utter (low inarticulate sounds) expressive of pain, grief, disapproval, etc: they all groaned at Larry’s puns
(intransitive) to make a sound like a groan
(intransitive, usually foll by beneath or under) to be weighed down (by) or suffer greatly (under): the country groaned under the dictator’s rule
(intransitive) (informal) to complain or grumble


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