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[grog] /grɒg/

a mixture of rum and water, often flavored with lemon, sugar, and spices and sometimes served hot.
any strong alcoholic drink.
fired and crushed clay.
diluted spirit, usually rum, as an alcoholic drink
(informal, mainly Austral & NZ) alcoholic drink in general, esp spirits

alcoholic drink diluted with water, 1749, supposedly a reference to Old Grog, nickname of Edward Vernon (1684-1757), British admiral who wore a grogram (q.v.) cloak and who in August 1740 ordered his sailors’ rum to be diluted. George Washington’s older half-brother Lawrence served under Vernon in the Carribean and renamed the family’s Hunting Creek Plantation in Virginia for him in 1740, calling it Mount Vernon.


Liquor (1770+)

[fr British naval grog, ”rum and water,” so called because it was introduced in the mid-18th century as a sailor’s ration by ”Old Grog,” Admiral Sir Edward Vernon, who habitually wore a grogram coat]


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