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[ground-brey-king] /ˈgraʊndˌbreɪ kɪŋ/

the act or ceremony of breaking ground for a new construction project.
of or relating to such a ceremony.
originating or pioneering a new endeavor, field of inquiry, or the like:
Pasteur’s groundbreaking work in bacteriology.
innovative: a ground-breaking novel

1907 as a figurative adjective, from expression to break ground, either for planting or for building; see ground (n.) + break (v.).


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  • Ground bug

    noun 1. any member of a family (Lygaeidae) of hemipterous plant-eating insects, having generally dark bodies, sometimes marked with red, and lighter, yellowish wings

  • Ground bundle

    ground bundle n. See proper fasciculus.

  • Ground-cable

    noun, Nautical. 1. a heavy chain for securing permanent floating moorings, as a number of mooring buoys.

  • Ground-cedar

    noun 1. a ground pine, Lycopodium complanatum.

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