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a covering, usually of canvas, for the floor of a stage.


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  • Ground-color

    noun 1. Also called ground coat. a primary coat of paint; priming; base coat. 2. the background color, as of a painting or decoration.

  • Ground-connection

    noun, Electricity. 1. the conductor used to establish a ground.

  • Ground-control

    noun 1. an airport facility that supervises the movement of aircraft and ground vehicles on ramps and taxiways. noun 1. the personnel, radar, computers, etc, on the ground that monitor the progress of aircraft or spacecraft 2. a system for feeding continuous radio messages to an aircraft pilot to enable him to make a blind […]

  • Ground-controlled approach

    [ground-kuh n-trohld] /ˈgraʊnd kənˌtroʊld/ noun, Aeronautics. 1. a system in which an observer interprets radar observations of the position of an aircraft and transmits continuous instructions to its pilot for landing. Abbreviation: GCA.

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