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noun, Physics.


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  • Groundling

    [ground-ling] /ˈgraʊnd lɪŋ/ noun 1. a plant or animal that lives on or close to the . 2. any of various fishes that live at the bottom of the water. 3. a spectator, reader, or other person of unsophisticated or uncultivated tastes; an uncritical or uncultured person. 4. a member of a theater audience who […]

  • Ground-log

    noun, Nautical. 1. a lead weight attached to a line, cast overboard in shoal water and allowed to pay out freely to show the speed of a ship and the force of the current.

  • Ground-loop

    noun, Aeronautics. 1. a sharp horizontal loop performed, usually involuntarily, while touching the ground. noun 1. a sudden uncontrolled turn by an aircraft on the ground, while moving under its own power

  • Groundmass

    [ground-mas] /ˈgraʊndˌmæs/ noun 1. the crystalline, granular, or glassy base or matrix of a porphyritic or other igneous rock, in which the more prominent crystals are embedded. /ˈɡraʊndˌmæs/ noun 1. the matrix of igneous rocks, such as porphyry, in which larger crystals (phenocrysts) are embedded

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