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a metal rod embedded in the ground to make a ground connection to the earth.


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  • Ground-row

    noun 1. a long, low piece of stage scenery, built to simulate part of a landscape, a building, a fence, or the like.

  • Ground-rule

    noun 1. Usually, ground rules. basic or governing principles of conduct in any situation or field of endeavor: the ground rules of press conferences. 2. Sports. any of certain rules specially adopted, as in baseball and softball, for dealing with situations or circumstances arising chiefly from the particular nature of the playing area or the […]

  • Ground-rule-double

    noun, Baseball. 1. a safe hit ruled for two bases according to the rules of a particular stadium, as when a fly ball bounces once in the outfield and then clears a fence.

  • Ground run

    noun 1. the distance taken by an aircraft to brake from its landing speed to its taxiing speed or a stop

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