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any of various extinct large, edentate mammals from the Pleistocene Epoch of North and South America resembling modern sloths but living on the ground rather than in trees.


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  • Ground-sluice

    noun, Mining. 1. a trench, cut through a placer or through bedrock, through which a stream is diverted in order to dislodge and wash the gravel.

  • Groundsman

    /ˈɡraʊndzmən/ noun (pl) -men 1. a person employed to maintain a sports ground, park, etc

  • Ground someone

    verb phrase To deny privileges to someone, esp to keep someone confined at home as a punishment: If my father got a pair of bell-bottoms, I think I’d ground him [1940s+; fr the practice of not permitting a pilot to fly, as a punishment, the word found by 1931]

  • Ground-squirrel

    noun 1. any of several terrestrial rodents of the squirrel family, as of the genus Citellus and chipmunks of the genus Tamias. circ;circ; noun 1. any burrowing sciurine rodent of the genus Citellus and related genera, resembling chipmunks and occurring in North America, E Europe, and Asia Also called gopher

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