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bait, such as scraps of bread, maggots, etc, thrown into an area of water to attract fish See chum2
(transitive) to prepare (an area of water) with groundbait


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  • Ground-bait

    noun 1. 2 (def 1).

  • Ground-ball

    noun, Baseball. 1. a batted ball that rolls or bounces along the ground.

  • Ground-bass

    [beys] /beɪs/ noun, Music. 1. a short fundamental bass part continually repeated throughout a movement. /beɪs/ noun 1. (music) a short melodic bass line that is repeated over and over again

  • Ground-beam

    noun 1. a reinforced concrete beam for supporting walls, joists, etc., at or near ground level, itself either resting directly upon the ground or supported at both ends by piers. 2. .

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