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life, accident, or health insurance available to a group of persons, as the employees of a company, under a single contract, usually without regard to physical condition or age of the individuals.
(mainly US & Canadian) insurance relating to life, health, or accident and covering several persons, esp the employees of a firm, under a single contract at reduced premiums


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    [groo-piz-uh m] /ˈgru pɪz əm/ noun 1. the tendency to conform to the general thinking and behavior of a .

  • Group-life-insurance

    noun 1. a form of life insurance available to members of a group, typically employees of a company, under a master policy.

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    noun 1. (among primitive peoples) a form of marriage in which a group of males is united with a group of females to form a single conjugal unit. noun 1. an arrangement in which several males live together with several females, forming a conjugal unit

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