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Aggressively feminist, as expressed in music, fashion, ideas, etc: leader of the hard-core feminist riot grrrl movement/ media overkill about the Riot Grrrl fashion trend

Related Terms

riot grrrl

[1990s+; a blend of the angry animal-like utterance grr! with girl]


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  • Grrrldom

    noun The realm and principles of an aggressive feminism: the humorless man-hating axis of riotgrrrldom (1990s+)

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    great red spot

  • Grt

    gross register ton

  • GRU

    1. (in the Soviet Union) the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Soviet General Staff, a military intelligence organization founded in 1920 and functioning as a complement to the KGB. abbreviation 1. (formerly) the Soviet military intelligence service; the military counterpart of the KGB 1. Russian Glavnoe razvedyvatel’noe upravlenie (Chief Intelligence Directorate) 2. Grus (constellation) 3. […]

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