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[gruhn-jee] /ˈgrʌn dʒi/

adjective, grungier, grungiest. Slang.
ugly, run-down, or dilapidated:
a grungy, abandoned mill town.
dirty; filthy:
a pair of grungy sneakers.
adjective (slang) -gier, -giest
(mainly US & Canadian) squalid or seedy
(of pop music) characterized by a loud fuzzy guitar sound

“sloppy, shabby,” 1965, American English slang, perhaps a blend of grubby and dingy.


Shabby; squalid; dirty; grotty, scuzzy: I put down in my grungy little notebook that Max Frisch was a wise man/ the peerless, fearless, slightly grungy Grodin to investigate

[1960s+ Teenagers; origin unknown; perhaps sound symbolism resembling gross, mangy, mung, stingy, etc]


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