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[verb ges-tuh-meyt; noun ges-tuh-mit, -meyt] /verb ˈgɛs təˌmeɪt; noun ˈgɛs tə mɪt, -ˌmeɪt/ Informal.

verb (used with object), guesstimated, guesstimating.
to estimate without substantial basis in facts or statistics.
an estimate arrived at by guesswork.
noun (ˈɡɛstɪmɪt)
an estimate calculated mainly or only by guesswork
verb (ˈɡɛstɪˌmeɪt)
to form a guesstimate of

1902, a blending of guess (v.) and estimate. Related: Guesstimated; guesstimating. As a noun, from 1906.


An approximation based on calculation and guesswork


: Let’s guesstimate a yield of four percent (1934+)


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