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[gest-shot] /ˈgɛstˌʃɒt/

an appearance as a guest, especially on a television show.


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  • Guest-worker

    noun 1. a foreign worker permitted to work in a country, especially in Western Europe, on a temporary basis.

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    [guh-vahr-ist] /gəˈvɑr ɪst/ noun 1. a supporter of the revolutionary theories and tactics of Ernesto Guevara.

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    [guhff] /gʌff/ noun, Informal. 1. empty or foolish talk; nonsense. 2. insolent talk. /ɡʌf/ noun 1. (slang) ridiculous or insolent talk n. “empty talk, nonsense,” 1888, from earlier sense of “puff of air” (1825), of imitative origin. noun verb To lie; exaggerate; bullshit: Quit your guffing and tell it right [perhaps fr Scots gaff, ”loud, […]

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