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[goo g-uh n-hahym, goo-guh n-] /ˈgʊg ənˌhaɪm, ˈgu gən-/

noun, Games.
(def 4).
[goo g-uh n-hahym, goo-guh n-] /ˈgʊg ənˌhaɪm, ˈgu gən-/
Daniel, 1856–1930, U.S. industrialist and philanthropist.

grant for advanced study, in reference to the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, established 1925 by U.S. Sen. Simon Guggenheim (1867-1941) in memory of his son, who died young. The senator’s brother was an arts patron who founded the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in 1937, which grew into the Guggenheim Museum of modern art.


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