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[gyd-wil-ee, gweed-] /ˌgüdˈwɪl i, ˌgwid-/

noun, adjective, Scot. Obsolete.


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  • Guienne

    [gwee-yen] /gwiˈyɛn/ noun 1. a former province in SW France. /French ɡɥijɛn/ noun 1. a former province of SW France: formed, with Gascony, the duchy of Aquitaine during the 12th century

  • Guige

    [geej, geezh] /gidʒ, giʒ/ noun, Armor. 1. a shoulder strap attached to the inner side of a shield.

  • Guignol

    noun an entertainment with sensational or horrifying dramatic intent; also called Grand Guignol Word Origin French ‘punch’; Grand Guignol ‘Great Punch’ was Paris theater

  • Guija

    [gee-hah] /ˈgi hɑ/ noun 1. Lake, a lake on the border between SE Guatemala and NW El Salvador, in Central America. About 20 miles (32 km) long.

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