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[guhl-ee] /ˈgʌl i/

noun, plural gullies. Also, (for defs 1, 2).
a small valley or ravine originally worn away by running water and serving as a drainageway after prolonged heavy rains.
a ditch or gutter.

verb (used with object), gullied, gullying.
to make gullies in.
to form (channels) by the action of water.
[guhl-ee, goo l-ee] /ˈgʌl i, ˈgʊl i/
noun, plural gullies. Scot. and North England.
a knife, especially a large kitchen or butcher knife.
noun (pl) -lies, -leys
a channel or small valley, esp one cut by heavy rainwater
(NZ) a small bush-clad valley
a deep, wide fissure between two buttresses in a mountain face, sometimes containing a stream or scree

either of the two channels at the side of a tenpin bowling lane
verb -lies, -lying, -lied
(transitive) to make (channels) in (the ground, sand, etc)
noun (pl) -lies
(Scot) a large knife, such as a butcher’s knife

“channel made by running water,” 1650s, possibly a variant of Middle English golet “water channel” (see gullet). Gully-washer, American English colloquial for “heavy rainstorm,” attested by 1887.
A narrow, steep-sided channel formed in loose earth by running water. A gully is usually dry except after periods of heavy rainfall or after the melting of snow or ice.


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