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[guhm-uh s] /ˈgʌm əs/

consisting of or resembling gum; gummy.
(rare) resembling or consisting of gum


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  • Gummy

    [guhm-ee] /ˈgʌm i/ adjective, gummier, gummiest. 1. of, resembling, or of the consistency of ; viscid; mucilaginous. 2. covered with or clogged by or sticky matter. 3. exuding . /ˈɡʌmɪ/ adjective -mier, -miest 1. sticky or tacky 2. consisting of, coated with, or clogged by gum or a similar substance 3. producing gum /ˈɡʌmɪ/ adjective […]

  • Gum-myrtle

    noun 1. any of several trees of the genus Angophora, native to Australia, allied to and resembling the eucalyptus.

  • Gummy shark

    noun 1. (Austral) another term for gummy2 (sense 2)

  • Gum nebula

    noun 1. (astronomy) a large, almost circular, emission nebula in the constellation Vela and Puppis. Thought to be the remains of a supernova explosion 1 million years ago, it is estimated to lie 1300 light years away

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