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a plate or strip of soft waxy substance used by boxers to protect the teeth and gums Also called mouthpiece


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    [guhm-shoo] /ˈgʌmˌʃu/ noun 1. Slang. a detective. 2. a made of or India rubber; rubber overshoe. 3. (def 1). verb (used without object), gumshoed, gumshoeing. 4. Slang. /ˈɡʌmˌʃuː/ noun 1. a waterproof overshoe 2. (US & Canadian) a rubber-soled shoe 3. (US & Canadian, slang) a detective or one who moves about stealthily 4. (US […]

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    [thuhs] /θʌs/ noun 1. thickened turpentine, used in certain oil paints.

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