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a person who operates a gun or cannon.
Army. an occupational title in the artillery.
Navy. a person skilled in handling ammunition and gunnery equipment.
Marine Corps. a warrant officer who may be given any one of a number of assignments.

Military. a private in the artillery.
Informal. any officer or enlisted person assigned to the artillery.

a person who hunts with a gun.
a serviceman who works with, uses, or specializes in guns
(navy) (formerly) a warrant officer responsible for the training of gun crews, their performance in action, and accounting for ammunition
(in the British Army) an artilleryman, esp a private gnr
a person who hunts with a rifle or shotgun


A flashy performer; grandstander, hot dog: the reputation of a gunner and a hot dog, playground terms for players who showboat (1960s+ Basketball)
A student who aggressively courts attention in class •In earlier use, gunner meant a sexually aggressive student: ”Gunners” are people who raise their hands in class repeatedly just to impress (Students 1990s+)


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