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Gunning transceiver logic

electronics, hardware, integrated circuit, standard
(GTL) A standard for electrical signals in CMOS circuits used to provide higher data transfer speeds with smaller voltage swings [compared with what?].
The GTL signal swings between 0.4 volts and 1.2 volts with a reference voltage of about 0.8 volts. Only a small deviation of 0.4 volts (or thereabouts) from the reference voltage is required to switch between on and off states. Therefore, a GTL signal is said to be a low voltage swing logic signal.
Gunning Transceiver Logic has several advantages. The resistive termination of a GTL signal provides a clean signalling environment [what?]. Moreover, the low terminating voltage of 1.2 volts results in reduced voltage drops across the resistive elements. GTL has low power dissipation and can operate at high frequency and causes less electromagnetic interference (EMI).
GTL/BTL: A Low-Swing Solution for High-Speed Digital Logic (http://edtn.com/scribe/reference/appnotes/md003ecc.htm).


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