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[guhn-sling-er] /ˈgʌnˌslɪŋ ər/

Informal. .
Slang. a person who acts in an aggressive and decisive manner, especially in business or politics, as an investor who takes large risks in seeking large, quick gains.
(slang) a gunfighter or gunman, esp in the Old West



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  • Gunsmith

    [guhn-smith] /ˈgʌnˌsmɪθ/ noun 1. a person who makes or repairs firearms. /ˈɡʌnˌsmɪθ/ noun 1. a person who manufactures or repairs firearms, esp portable guns n. 1580s, from gun (n.) + smith.

  • Gun someone down

    verb phrase To shoot so as to fell or kill: They gunned him down in a barber chair (1898+)

  • Gunstock

    [guhn-stok] /ˈgʌnˌstɒk/ noun 1. the or support in which the barrel of a shoulder weapon is fixed. /ˈɡʌnˌstɒk/ noun 1. the wooden or metallic handle or support to which is attached the barrel of a rifle

  • Gunstock deformity

    gunstock deformity gun·stock deformity (gŭn’stŏk’) n. A deformity of the elbow, resulting from condylar fracture at the elbow in which the forearm deviates toward the midline of the body when extended.

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