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[gur-nerd] /ˈgɜr nərd/

noun, plural (especially collectively) gurnard (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) gurnards.
any marine fish of the family Triglidae, having an armored, spiny head and the front part of the pectoral fins modified for crawling on the sea bottom.
noun (pl) -nard, -nards, -net, -nets
any European marine scorpaenoid fish of the family Triglidae, such as Trigla lucerna (tub or yellow gurnard), having a heavily armoured head and finger-like pectoral fins

small marine fish, early 14c., from Old French gournart (13c.), formed by metathesis of gronir, from Latin grunire “to grunt.” The fish so called for the sound it makes when pulled from the water.


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