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[guhsh-er] /ˈgʌʃ ər/

a flowing oil well, usually of large capacity.
a person who .
a person who gushes, as in being unusually effusive or sentimental
something, such as a spurting oil well, that gushes

“oil well that flows without pumping,” 1886, agent noun from gush. Earlier in a sense of “overly effusive person” (1864).


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    [guhsh-ee] /ˈgʌʃ i/ adjective, gushier, gushiest. 1. given to or marked by excessively effusive talk, behavior, etc. /ˈɡʌʃɪ/ adjective gushier, gushiest 1. (informal) displaying excessive admiration or sentimentality adj. 1845, from gush in the metaphoric sense + -y (2). Related: Gushily; gushiness.

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