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[guht-uh-pur-chuh] /ˈgʌt əˈpɜr tʃə/

the milky juice, nearly white when pure, of various Malaysian trees of the sapodilla family, especially Palaquium gutta.
the tough, rubberlike gum made from this and used as a dental cement, in the manufacture of golf balls, for insulating electric wires, etc.
any of several tropical trees of the sapotaceous genera Palaquium and Payena, esp Palaquium gutta
a whitish rubber substance derived from the coagulated milky latex of any of these trees: used in electrical insulation and dentistry

1845, from Malay getah percha, literally “the gum of percha,” the name of the tree; the form of the word influenced by Latin gutta “drop.” As the name of the tree itself, from 1860.

gutta-percha gut·ta-per·cha (gŭt’ə-pûr’chə)
A rubbery substance from the latex of any of several tropical trees, used as a temporary filling material in dentistry and in the manufacture of orthopedic splints.


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    gutta-percha point n. A cone of a gutta percha compound used for filling root canals in conjunction with a cement, paste, or plastic.

  • Guttat.

    guttat. abbr. Latin guttatim (drop by drop) Latin guttatim (drop by drop)

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    [guht-eyt] /ˈgʌt eɪt/ adjective, Biology. 1. resembling a drop; having droplike markings. /ˈɡʌteɪt/ adjective (biology) 1. (esp of plants) covered with small drops or droplike markings, esp oil glands 2. resembling a drop or drops guttate gut·tate (gŭt’āt’) or gut·tat·ed (-ā’tĭd) adj.

  • Guttatim

    [guh-tey-tuh m, -tah-] /gəˈteɪ təm, -ˌtɑ-/ adverb 1. (in prescriptions) drop by drop.

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