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[jim-nas-tik] /dʒɪmˈnæs tɪk/

of or relating to physical exercises that develop and demonstrate strength, balance, and agility, especially such exercises performed mostly on special equipment.
of, relating to, like, or involving gymnastics

1570s, from Latin gymnasticus, from Greek gynmastikos “fond of or skilled in bodily exercise,” from gymnazein “to exercise or train” (see gymnasium).


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  • Gymnastics

    [jim-nas-tiks] /dʒɪmˈnæs tɪks/ noun 1. (used with a plural verb) exercises. 2. (used with a singular verb) the practice art, or competitive sport of exercises. 3. (used with a plural verb) mental feats or other exercises of skill: Verbal gymnastics. /dʒɪmˈnæstɪks/ noun 1. (functioning as sing) practice or training in exercises that develop physical strength […]

  • Gymno-

    1. a combining form meaning “naked,” “bare,” “exposed,” used in the formation of compound words: gymnoplast. combining form 1. naked, bare, or exposed: gymnosperm word-forming element meaning “naked, stripped, bare,” from comb. form of Greek gymnos “naked, unclad; bare, mere” (see naked).

  • Gymnocarpous

    [jim-nuh-kahr-puh s] /ˌdʒɪm nəˈkɑr pəs/ adjective 1. (of a fungus or lichen) having the apothecium open and attached to the surface of the thallus.

  • Gymnodinium

    [jim-nuh-din-ee-uh m] /ˌdʒɪm nəˈdɪn i əm/ noun, plural gymnodinia [jim-nuh-din-ee-uh] /ˌdʒɪm nəˈdɪn i ə/ (Show IPA) 1. any marine or freshwater dinoflagellate of the genus Gymnodinium, certain species of which cause red tide.

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