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  • Ha

    1. hectare; hectares. [hah] /hɑ/ interjection 1. (used as an exclamation of surprise, interrogation, suspicion, triumph, etc.) Symbol, Chemistry, Physics. 1. . [hah] /hɑ/ noun 1. the 26th letter of the Arabic alphabet, representing a glottal spirant consonant sound. [khah] /xɑ/ noun 1. the sixth letter of the Arabic alphabet, representing a pharyngeal spirant consonant. […]

  • H.a.

    1. Gunnery. high angle. 2. in this year. abbreviation 1. hoc anno Latin hoc anno (this year)

  • Ha2 virus

    HA2 virus (āch’ā-tōō’) n. Variant of hemadsorption virus type 2.

  • Haaf

    [hahf] /hɑf/ noun 1. deep-sea fishing grounds off the Shetland and Orkney Islands. /hɑːf/ noun 1. a deep-sea fishing ground off the Shetland and Orkney Islands

  • Haakon iv

    /ˈhɑːkɒn/ noun 1. surnamed Haakonsson. 1204–63, king of Norway (1217–63). He strengthened the monarchy and extended Norwegian territory to include Iceland and Greenland

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