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  • Hachilah

    the darksome hill, one of the peaks of the long ridge of el-Kolah, running out of the Ziph plateau, “on the south of Jeshimon” (i.e., of the “waste”), the district to which one looks down from the plateau of Ziph (1 Sam. 23:19). After his reconciliation with Saul at Engedi (24:1-8), David returned to Hachilah, […]

  • Hachinohe

    [hah-chee-noh-hee Japanese hah-cheenaw-he] /ˌhɑ tʃiˈnoʊ hi Japanese ˌhɑˈtʃinɔ hɛ/ noun 1. a city in N Honshu, Japan.

  • Hachioji

    [hah-chee-aw-jee] /ˈhɑ tʃiˈɔ dʒi/ noun 1. a city on SE Honshu, in Japan, W of Tokyo.

  • Hachure

    [noun ha-shoo r, hash-oo r; verb ha-shoo r] /noun hæˈʃʊər, ˈhæʃ ʊər; verb hæˈʃʊər/ noun 1. one of a series of short parallel lines drawn on a map to indicate topographic relief. 2. shading composed of such lines. verb (used with object), hachured, hachuring. 3. Also, hatch. to indicate or shade by hachures. /hæˈʃjʊə/ noun […]

  • Hachoo

    [hah-choo] /hɑˈtʃu/ interjection 1. . [ah-choo] /ɑˈtʃu/ interjection 1. (used to represent the sound of a person sneezing.)

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