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[hah-hah, hah-hah] /ˈhɑˈhɑ, ˌhɑˈhɑ/

interjection, noun
(used as an exclamation or representation of laughter, as in expressing amusement or derision.)
[hah-hah] /ˈhɑˌhɑ/
/ˈhɑː ˈhɑː/
a representation of the sound of laughter
an exclamation expressing derision, mockery, surprise, etc
/ˈhɑː hɑː/
a wall or other boundary marker that is set in a ditch so as not to interrupt the landscape

also haha, used of laughter since ancient times; cf. Old English ha ha, Greek ha ha, Latin hahae. A different attempt at representation is in py-hy (1580s).


: even made a ha-ha pass at him/ ha-ha candles made to look like penises


A joke; something funny; stroke of wit: That’s a ha-ha all right

Related Terms

the merry ha-ha

[1940s+; ha-ha represented the sound of laughter by 1000]


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