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[hah-see-en-duh; Spanish ah-syen-dah] /ˌhɑ siˈɛn də; Spanish ɑˈsyɛn dɑ/

noun, plural haciendas
[hah-see-en-duh z; Spanish ah-syen-dahs] /ˌhɑ siˈɛn dəz; Spanish ɑˈsyɛn dɑs/ (Show IPA) (in Spanish America)
a large landed estate, especially one used for farming or ranching.
the main house on such an estate.
a stock raising, mining, or manufacturing establishment in the country.
noun (in Spain or Spanish-speaking countries)

the main house on such a ranch or plantation

1760, from Spanish hacienda “landed estate, plantation,” earlier facienda, from Latin facienda “things to be done,” from facere “to do” (see factitious). For noun use of a Latin gerundive, cf. agenda. The owner of one is a hacendado.

The change of Latin f- to Spanish h- is characteristic; e.g. hablar from fabulari, hacer from facere, hecho from factum, hermoso from formosum. Confusion of initial h- and f- was common in 16c. Spanish; the conquistador is known in contemporary records as both Hernando and Fernando Cortés.


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